1934 Packard Coupe

Welcome to Bosco's Garage -- professional builders of scale model cars, trucks, and motorcycles  We specialize in:

  • Museum quality models custom built to your exact specifications
  • Modified/Repainted/Super-Detailed diecast models
  • Scale model repairs and restoration
  • Limited edition runs of collectible models
  • Also buying your diecasts, model kits, parts, etc - Send us your list and we'll make an offer

    Bosco's Garage builds accurate, highly detailed replicas, by hand, of virtually any type of vehicle, past or present, for the discerning automotive enthusiast and collector.  Our precision scale models can be custom built to your exact specifications using existing plastic kits or diecast metal models as a starting point.  Based on the subject matter and your requirements, we can improve the overall accuracy, add details, and customize your model however you like -- the level of detail we put into. From repaints, adding graphics, or swapping wheels and tires, to fully scratchbuilt, super detailed replicas, we build them all with extreme precision, fine craftsmanship, and painstaking attention to detail.

    So if you're interested in putting Bosco's Garage to work for you, please send an EMAIL and tell us a little about your project. The more info you can provide, the better our response will be, and please include photos if you can.

Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you !