1934 Packard Coupe

Please note:  Until further notice, we are no longer accepting orders for custom models.  Currently, we have enough projects lined up to keep ourselves busy for a VERY long time, and it just doesn't make sense to accept any new orders until we can get caught up. For those of you who already have signed contracts, or are awaiting a price quote from us, please be assured that we are committed to finishing your project as soon as we are able.  Once the backlog begins to clear, we will resume quoting and accepting new commissions.

Thank you so much for your interest and patience.  Now we're off to build some models !

Welcome to Bosco's Garage -- professional builders of scale model cars, trucks, and motorcycles  We specialize in:

  • Museum quality models custom built to your exact specifications
  • Modified/Repainted/Super-Detailed diecast models
  • Any/all scale model repairs (diecast, plastic, pressed steel, resin, whatever)
  • Acquisition, restoration, and repair of models, kits, or promos
  • Scale model prototyping, restoration, and repair
  • Antique toy restoration
  • Limited edition runs of collectible models
  • Also buying your diecasts, model kits, parts, etc - Send us your list and we'll make an offer

    Bosco's Garage can help you own the scale model of your dreams.  We hand-build accurate, highly detailed replicas of virtually any type of vehicle, past or present, for the discerning automotive enthusiast and collector.  From classic musclecars and vintage sports cars, to motorcycles, trucks, emergency vehicles, race cars and everything in between, we build them all with extreme precision, fine craftsmanship, and painstaking attention to detail.

    Wondering about the quality of our work?  Browse the photos and descriptions in our portfolio and see for yourself.

    Have you ever seen the TV show Overhaulin' ?  Well, we can do the same thing in miniature !  Take a look here.

    Bosco's Garage precision scale models are custom built to your exact specifications using existing plastic kits or diecast metal models as a starting point.  Based on the subject matter and your requirements, we can improve the overall accuracy, add details, and customize your model using a variety of aftermarket components and scratchbuilt detail parts.  The level of detail we put into a model is entirely up to you -- it could be as simple as repainting a diecast model, swapping wheels and tires, or adding graphics.  Or, you might be interested in something more ambitious, like having us convert a coupe to a ragtop, chopping a top, or scratchbuilding a super detailed, museum quality masterpiece.  Our goal is to produce high quality, accurately detailed replicas that our clients will be proud to display anywhere.

    Still not sure?  Click here to see what our clients have to say about models built by Bosco's Garage.

Scale models make great gifts!
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    So if you're interested in commissioning a scale model from Bosco's Garage , please review the information on our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) page, and send us an email to receive a free, no-obligation price quote.  We'll discuss your project in detail, and get to work for you as soon as possible.  We look forward to building YOUR masterpiece !

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