~ FW09 '84 Dallas Grand Prix Winner ~
  Our client was a spectator at the F1 race at Dallas in 1984, and wanted a professionally built model of the race winner's ride. He bought an expensive Studio 27 kit, and contracted with another builder who started the project, but then had some sort of meltdown. Luckily, our client was able to get the model back, but it showed up in the condition you see here in the photo on the left. Looks like it's Bosco's Garage to the rescue !

Although the paint and decals were good, we were left with the task of repairing all of the broken pieces, correcting the mangled suspension, and reassembling the model properly. After looking at the photos, we think you'll agree that the story had a happy ending after all.

  Studio 27 Kit in pieces!

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FW09 Dallas GP Winner

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