Falcon Drag Tribute Car

    Here's what our clients have to say about hand built, professionally detailed replicas built by Bosco's Garage:

    " Looks like it just arrived from Danbury. I'm amazed how you can take these things apart without breakage and put them back better than new. You're a real craftsman. So glad I was referred to you."
         D.M., Repairs to Danbury Mint Pierce Arrow

    " The Big Kahuna is at home, I am so happy! It is a beautiful model.....thanks a lot for your great work."
         H.W., Repairs to 1/12 Danbury Mint '57 Chevy Pro Street Big Kahuna

    " The cars look fantastic...couldn't be more happy with them....can't believe the difference in the Plymouth Road Runner -- a big transformation from the way Danbury Mint made them.  My brother said the Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry tribute car is dead on.  Don't know which one I like the best."
         H.C., Mint Mopars

    " I'm very, very happy with the results.  So, you can chalk me up as a satisfied customer.  You certainly do excellent work!"
         T.S., Chrysler Turbine Car from The Lively Set

    " He was really impressed about how you made it look just like his car.   Thanks again!  It really turned out fantastic."
         P.S., '69 Yenko Nova

    " We just have to say thank you again.  You are so talented and we truly are honored to own this spectacular model.  Iím so glad you were able to come to our shop and for Rich to have had a chance to meet with you.  We look forward to working with you again in the near future."
         Stone Barn Classic Cars, '34 Packard Coupe

    " The model is fantastic, I'm very happy with it and was well worth the wait. Furthermore, you're a true gentleman and I hope to be working with you again soon."
         R.Z., Acura NSX

    " We are super impressed with your craftsmanship, and it is a beautiful model."
         R.L., '00 Mustang GT

    " Car looks great...very happy with it. 100% improvement from the Danbury Mint version. You guys have been the best. Very proud of the models."
         C.E., DM '69 Camaro Pro Street

    " I told everyone on The Diecast Zone what a great job you did. I think its great, and I'm still looking at it. Thanks again."
         B.V., FM '67 Corvette

    " I have just received the second of two '53 Buicks restored by Bosco's Garage and the work is absolutely first class. Your craftsmanship turned a curio shelving disaster into a distant memory. Thank you for your professionalism and skills."
         D.W., DM '53 Buick Repairs

    " What a great job you guys did. I am very happy. The exhaust is spot-on, the metal foil details are sharp. Assembly and paint excellent, fixes are flawless. If a potential customer needs a reference, please have them write to me !"
         A.F., '77 Trans Am

    " Wow, the car is bee-utiful !"
         B.L., '95 Porsche 993

    "I love the car ! Totally awesome what minor changes can do....."
         C.E., '57 Chevy El Camino Phantom Street Machine

    "The car arrived 10 minutes ago -- just like new ! I am very pleased with your work, and thank you again for a job well done. If you're ever in town, the beer is on me !"
         B.J., Autographed Andretti Race Car Repairs

    "The model looks fantastic ! Thanks !"
         M.B., '73 Brabham BT42

    "Got the white one today and it's hard to believe anyone could have done it any better! The paint job is so perfect....the all white really pops out at ya. I love it, what else could I say? Thanks so much !"
         J.Y., Another '57 Buick Special

    "There is nothing that could have been done better. It's perfect !"
         J.Y., '57 Buick Special

    "The model is beautiful.  All the details are amazing, right down to the floor mats.  It looks exactly like the real car.  Dad loves it !"
         C.M., '72 Dodge Demon

    "The model looks fantastic.  You did a really great job.  It's amazing how much of the real car you were able to capture."
         B.W., '66 Barracuda

    "I love it !  I love it !  I love it !"
         J.T., Dick Brannan '65 A/FX Mustang

    "Received the model today. I'm a very picky architect. Trust me--you are a master. I'm very pleased. Thanks so much!"
         L.S., CMA Ferrari 250 SWB Repair Job

    "You did a masterful job.  Just beautiful...."
         A.N., 1984 Dallas F1 Grand Prix Winner

    "The squads look great !  I'm sure as individual officers show them off to officers from other PD's, you will be getting calls.  Thanks for giving me a memento that I will always have to remember my service long after I'm done."
         T.M., '06 Charger Police Cars

    "This brings back a lot of fond memories...."
         E.F., '61 MG 1600

    "The model was perfect, he absolutely loved it !  Your work is flawless and I will definitely use you again !  Thanks for everything !"
         B.S., '68 Mustang Coupe

    "You really did a wonderful job on the car. The amount of detail you put into this one blows me away....."
         C.E., '57 Chevy Street Machine

    "This is a true piece of art....."
         E.T., Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

    "This looks EXACTLY like the car !  I can't believe you were able to reproduce all of the smallest decals and details."
         J.G., '92 Olds Aurora GTS-1

    "The photos don't do the car justice !  Car looks awesome !  I just can't say enough about it.  I could go on and on.  Thank you for the wonderful job."
         C.E., '57 Chevy Pro Street

    "Two words -- stunning and meticulous. Hard to believe, but it looks even better in person. My expectations were surpassed, it was definitely worth the wait, and it will certainly be the main focus of my collection. Is it OK if I call you later? I might have to rave about it some more."
         J.Y., '59 Buick LeSabre

    "The model was the hit of his birthday party."
         C.T., '69 Dodge Dart GTS Convertible

    "The car looks fantastic, [like it came off] the showroom floor. I really appreciate all of the extra attention you gave to it. It means a lot to me. Thanks so much."
         J.D., '40 Ford Tudor

    "Far, far surpasses what I imagined it would look like in black. Your attention to detail is exceptional, especially considering that black is, without a doubt, the most difficult to accomplish well.... I look at this and see perfectionism at work....I am more than pleased with your work. It is now the centerpiece in a rather large collection of 1/18 scale Ford GTs. Looks great next to the black Exoto Mark IIB. No, it looks better than that."
         J.H., GT40 Mk IV

    "You captured the car perfectly, and far exceeded my expectations...."
         E.F., '00 Bentley Arnage

    "The model is much nicer than in the pictures. It's just what I wanted. It's awesome!"
         K.M., '68 Hemi Dart Factory Drag Car

    "This is EXACTLY the way I remember the car. Boy, this brings back memories...."
         E.F., '64 Catalina Convertible

    "This is freakin' gorgeous! Now you've GOT to do my Charger!"
         S.B., '70 Coronet 440

    "The Bird looks great - Thanks!"
         T.T., '70 Plymouth Superbird

    "Excellent job - very pleased with your work..."
         J.Y., '68 Plymouth Hemi GTX

    "The model looks great! Thanks again!"
         T.N., '71 Plymouth GTX

    "The car looks great! We'll definitely pass your name on to others in the club."
         S.L., '69 Camaro SS396 Convertible

    "These models will occupy a permanent and honored spot in my display case. My wife doesn't even like cars, and even she was impressed!"
         H.F., '70 Oldsmobile 4-4-2 W-30 Hardtop and Convertible

    "The model looks great and was worth waiting for!"
         G.L., '69 Plymouth RoadRunner

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