Any car nut worth his salt has heard of Tom Daniel, who was responsible for so many popular model car kits from the '60s and '70s, like the Red Baron and S'Cool Bus.  One of his most famous creations was the Tijuana Taxi, and nowadays, these models sell for top dollar on eBay whether they're built or not because the kit has never been reissued.  Our client was able to find one that was unpainted and poorly built, but it was complete.  And because of the expense, there was only one team of modelers he would trust with the task of rebuilding this important memory from his childhood.

    Here's how the model looked when it arrived on the workbench at Bosco's Garage.  Again, it doesn't look too hot, but at least it's all there.

Tijuana Taxi - As it came to us.....

    Extreme care is the order of the day when disassembling old built up models.  As you can see here, we managed to tear the car down into it's component pieces with minimal breakage.

Tijuana Taxi - Initial Teardown

    After many hours of careful painting, assembly, detailing, and weathering, the result is what you see here.  We spent a lot of time making this car look like it had been well used, but kept intact.  Some noteworthy highlights include:

  • Wired and detailed engine
  • Scuffed tire treads
  • Running boards detailed to simulate painted metal with edges worn through
  • Seats have a slightly worn patina
  • Wood crate, steamer trunk, and interior floor have been painted to simulate real worn wood
  • Rope holding the steamer trunk down
  • Flowers and el cerdo (pig) in the passenger area
  • Magazine on the rear seat
  • Signage - "No Chickens In Taxi !"
  • Cherry wood steering wheel

Tijuana Taxi - After the overhaul Tijuana Taxi - After the overhaul Tijuana Taxi - After the overhaul Tijuana Taxi - After the overhaul Tijuana Taxi - Interior Tijuana Taxi - Interior

    As good as the model looked, we still felt like it needed something.  Hey, how about a realistic diorama on a presentation-quality hardwood base to put this vehicle in it's proper setting ?   And of course our taxi needs a suitable driver, right ?  ¡ Sí Señor !

Tijuana Taxi - Diorama Tijuana Taxi - Diorama Tijuana Taxi - Diorama Tijuana Taxi - Diorama

    So you like it, right ?  We can do one of these Tom Daniel classics for you too, or anything else that might tickle your fancy.  In fact, classic kit and promo restoration is just one of the many services we offer.  Please send us an email and let us know what you're looking for. ¡ Adíos amigos !

~ Thank you for your interest ~

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